About Us

About Us

ASINCRO was founded in 1974 for supporting companies in the Venezuelan electricity sector in the expansion of the National Interconnected System, offering engineering services in the areas of Planning, Generation, Transmission and Electrical Distribution.

ASINCRO initiated activities performing the Detail Engineering of several Substations operating at 115 kV and the update of 16,000 drawings and documents for the “Expansion of the Siderurgica del Orinoco project, for SIDOR”

During 1975 and 1976, ASINCRO initiated activities on Thermoelectric Generation Plants carrying out the Engineering and Construction Management of 3 Gas Turbine based Plants for a total of 175 MW: Pedro Camejo, Las Morochas and Yaritagua.

For the years 1.979-1.983, ASINCRO participates in the Construction Management of the 765 kV Transmission System consisting of five 765/400/230 kV Substations and 1,200 km of transmission lines.

At the early 80s, ASINCRO expanded operations to Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors. To provide a better service, ASINCRO goes further, taking part in Project Management, Procurement and Construction Management.

In 1983, ASINCRO takes part in the execution of Feasibility Studies for the Bajo Caroni Hydropower Development, performing the Detail Engineering for the following Hydroelectric Plants: Peña Larga Power Plant (80 MW), Macagua II and Macagua III (2,500 MW), Caruachi (2,800 MW) and Basic Engineering of the Tocoma Hydroelectric Plant (2,300 MW).

During the 1990s, ASINCRO successfully completed its first turnkey project, including the expansion of the 80MW Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi Power Plant at Margarita island in Venezuela; the installation of 2x40MW gas turbo generating units at “La Vega National Cement Plant in Ocumare del Tuy”; The EPC “Cost Plus” scheme of the “Upstream” SINCOR Distribution system of, also in Venezuela, and the construction of the Navarrete-Puerto Plata 138kV Transmission Line at Dominican Republic, among others.

At early year 2000, the projects based on Solid Fuel Gasification Technology for the production of energy, liquid fuels, hydrogen and CO2 and N2 sequestration for injection into oil fields for the recovery of Petroleum were initiated.

In 2007, Asincro started and later developed the EPC Project for closing Combined Cycle of the expansion to 450 MW of the TERMOFLORES Thermoelectric Plant, Barranquilla, Colombia.

At the end of 2017, ASINCRO concluded the first stage for the Conceptual, Basic, Detail and Construction Management of the Combined Cycle Plant of the Termocentro Generating Complex for 1,125 MW.

Currently ASINCRO is developing integrated services in infrastructure projects in Panama with the construction of sets of 3,100 social housing units, additional facilities for them and 2 baseball stadiums based on Major League Baseball (MLB) specifications as well as soccer stadiums.

ASINCRO´s experience in the provision of Engineering and Construction services, together with its support systems, its technological capabilities, its management team and highly qualified personnel, allows us to provide our clients a high quality integral service, offering services from basic studies and conceptual engineering up to the operation and maintenance of the facilities, including Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management.

ASINCRO has more than 1,300 studies and projects executed for a total of 30.3 million Man-Hours in Professional Services as well as EPC, EPC Cost + FEE contracts.


“Create integral engineering solutions based on technology, quality and social responsibility”.


“To be an innovative firm in the development of businesses in the energy sector with an international presence”


  • Integrity
  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Market orientation
  • Social responsibility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Proactivity
  • Quality and excellence